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     2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade
Buffalo, NY​​
I am building another parade float. This year's is to highlight the Masters World Championship coming to Buffalo, NY. It is going to basically be a moving billboard, but it is also our first large scale ad for this event (which is huge). The Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village and Buffalo Heavies are putting a lot of time and effort into making this a grand event.

​It can be a fun time, is definitely a different experience and is a great start to our expanding season here in WNY.

​Kilts are the preferred dress, second is anything green (it is St. Pat's day after all)  ​

I can promise these things:
- hot coffee and donuts at the start
- your first beer, on me, at the end
- a cool float
- the second best time you can have with a cold breeze blowing up your kilt​
Things I have learned from past years:
- the parade starts at 2 pm, we are usually put into the last group and don't start moving til 3pm or later
- it takes about 45 +/- minutes to walk the parade route, which is straight down Delaware Ave downtown ​
- this is Buffalo. It can be well diggers ass cold in March. Dress for this and you wont have many problems, of course with our freaky weather so far,
  ​who knows.
- bad weather does not deter ​​a lot of people from showing up for this parade or drinking heavily
​​​- they are serious about not throwing things from your parade float
- so long as you don't act like idiots they turn a blind eye towards drinking ​at the parade ​(seriously, their biggest concern is getting the police and
  ​firemen out of the bars to march on time)
- kids can get bored waiting around for the parade to start and during the slow ride, you might want to think about a babysitter that day

I am looking for a place to hang after the parade, as getting into a bar downtown can be impossible.

Thanks and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!!​​​​ 

I will post updates as I get them.​​

If you want to participate
Contact Lou Iannone  at, (title it St Pats Parade) or find me on facebook
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