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     2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade
Buffalo, NY​​
In keeping in what is slowly evolving into a Heavies tradition, I am building another float for the St. Patty's Day Parade here in Buffalo, NY.
​It is going to basically be a moving billboard, promoting the Buffalo Heavies and the godsend we are to the community and country at large.
​It can be a fun time, is definitely a different experience and is a great start to our expanding season here in WNY.

The parade, in downtown Buffalo, is Sunday March 18th
You DO NOT have to be a Buffalo Heavie to march with us, more people just makes us look cooler.​​​

I can promise these things:
- hot coffee and donuts at the start
- your first beer, on me, at the end
- a cool float
- the second best time you can have with a cold breeze blowing up your kilt​

​Kilts are the preferred dress, second is anything green (it is St. Pat's day after all) ​​
Things I have learned from past years:
- the parade starts at 2 pm, we are usually put into one of the last groups and don't start moving til 3pm or later
- it takes about 45 +/- minutes to walk the parade route, which is straight down Delaware Ave downtown ​
- this is Buffalo. It can be well diggers ass cold in March. Dress for this and you wont have many problems,
​  of course with our freaky weather, who knows.
- bad weather does not deter ​​alot of people from showing up for this parade or drinking heavily (adjust as needed to the crowds and event)
​​​- they are serious about not throwing things from your parade float
- so long as you don't act like idiots they turn a blind eye towards drinking ​at the parade ​
​(seriously, their biggest concern is getting the police and firemen out of the bars to march on time)
- kids can get bored waiting around for the parade to start and during the slow ride, you might want to think about a babysitter that day

Through the generosity of the folks at Road Less Traveled Productions , we now have a great hang place after the parade.
​Hangout with your fellow marchers or head out into the street to fight the throngs, the choice is yours.
​Our amenities include: 
- Heat 
- Our own bathroom
- Darts and other assorted entertainment
- Beer/soda
- Food​​​​​ (most likely pizza and leftover morning donuts)
- Music via CD/radio​

Thanks and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!!​​​​ 

2017 info - I will update once I get the "official" okay from the parade committee​
OK folks. We finally got our line up for the parade. We are in Division 5. Which means we line up on W. Genesee St. off Niagara Square. If you look at Niagara Square as a clock and Delaware Ave as the 12. We are at the 2 o’clock position.

The parade starts at 2pm but we probably won’t move til at least 2:45pm (like last year). If you could get to the float no later than 2pm, I would be eternally grateful. The weather is supposed to be 39 degrees and cloudy. Please dress appropriately. Parking will be tight, but once again, if you want to park at the RLTP theater, our final destination, (500 Pearl St) and walk to the starting point (about 3 blocks away) that might make life easier in the end.

If you are so inclined to tape the parade, it will be aired live on spectrum (Formerly TWC) on Channels 1,9, and 200.

For those who are not joining in the parade, but will be downtown, stop by the Road Less Traveled Theater around 4:30pm ish and say hi.

If you want to participate
Contact Lou Iannone  at, (title it St Pats Parade) or find me on facebook
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