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        Buffalo Niagara Hertitage Village
      Scottish Festival & Highland Games
August 15th 2015​
3755 Tonawanda Creek Rd Amherst, NY 14228

Parking: enter at the NEW RD. entrance shown on the map below, tell the gate attendant you are a Buffalo Heavy and proceed to the athlete prefered parking area​​
Held on August 15th 2015 the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village Scottish Festival and Highland Games is the oldest held in Western New York celebrating its 31st year. Last year over 5,000 visitor passed through the gates to see : 4 Pipe Bands, 22 Venders, 10 Musicians and Bands, 2 Dance schools, many area Clans attended, and the Buffalo Heavies will provide athletes from the US and Canada. This is the premier event for serious Heavy Events Fans and athlete's to attend.

​​Click on the logo for information about the Museum and all their up and coming events.

​BNHV Website:
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Masters Men: ​​ Closed

Lou Iannone
Frank Klimjack
Tim Mullally
Wayne Schutt​
​​​Ernie Perez
Sean Green
Mike Landrich
Rob Hicks
Ian Grassie​​​​
Rich McClain
John Katalinas​
Chris Donavan​
Andre Mazerolle
Bob Vail​​

Senior Masters:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Chuck Livingston​
Paul ​Helfenstein
Open Men Under 40: Closed

Jed Lamont
Aaron Lee
Paul Brown
Kevin Truesdell​​​​
Adam Kellogg
Eric Hurlburt​​
​Chris Racknor

Open Women: ​​
Stephanie Megliore
Karen Linder​
Erin Helms
Lacey Ann
Aurora Burr
Molly Kellogg​​​​

Masters Women:

Bonnie Hicks
Megan Zerfas​​​​​​​​
Kathryn Kendall​
Willow Rose​
Courtney Mcguire​

Entering the Games
Athletes must contact Lou Iannone

​​Events to be Competed: 
​Open Stone​, Heavy Stone, ​​Heavy & Light Weight for Distance, Heavy & Light Hammer, ​Weight Over Bar, Sheaf, Caber.​​​​
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