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        Buffalo Niagara Scottish Festival
August 18-19, 2018​
3755 Tonawanda Creek Rd Amherst, NY 14228
Held on on the third weekend in August, the Buffalo Niagara Scottish Festival (former known as the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village Scottish Festival and Highland Games) is the oldest held in Western New York celebrating its 34th year. In 2016 over 5,000 visitor passed through the gates to see : the Masters World Championship, where we set the bar pretty high for future games. This is a premier event for serious Heavy Events Fans and athlete's to attend.

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Masters Men: ​​

Lou Iannone
Frank Klimjack
Tim Mullally
Mike Landrich
John Katalinas​
Chris Donavan
Dan Taylor
John Jans
Andy Ward
Robert Monroe​​​​​​​

Senior Masters:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Chuck Livingston​
Paul ​Helfenstein
Open Men
​Under 40:

Adam Kellogg
Eric Hurlburt​​

Open Women: ​​
Aurora Burr

Masters Women:

Kathy Miles
Kathryn Kendall​
Courtney Mcguire​


Cyle Livingston​​​

Entering the Games
Athletes must contact athletic director
​Lou Iannone -  or find me on Facebook

​​Events to be Competed: 
​Open Stone​, Heavy Stone, ​​Heavy & Light Weight for Distance, Heavy & Light Hammer, ​Weight Over Bar, Sheaf, Caber.​​​​
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