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Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village Handicap Scoring Results 2012

​​      ​The Handicapped decathlon point system is a method of scoring which compares the athletes distances to the current world record distances for each event in that athletes class. The decathlon point system is mathematically  based on 1000 points. If the world record in your class is 100 feet and you throw 80 feet you would receive 800 points for that throw. 

​​​       We have adopted this method of scoring during the BNHV games when faced with a very mixed group of athletes who wanted to compete but didn't have enough to fill a 3 person class. The World Record based Handicap scoring methodology solved the problem so that all athletes, men, women, young  and old, heavy and light can compete against each other to determine who is the highest ranked athlete compared to the current world records.

      ​​This competition and scoring methodology is not the first of its kind, a version of it was first developed and use in Denver CO. by Greg Bradshaw.  Billy Scruggs emailed me a version of it in 2010 which used an age factor as the handicapper.  This didn't solve for weight class differences so I adapted it using the world records for each class solving this problem.  The method is great for Mixed Team Challenges ​and will be used for the team challenge event in 2013. Congratulations to Sean Green​, 1st, Josh Kenny 2nd, and Bob Vail 3rd place winners.

​      Below you will find the current world records and the score card from athletes who competed in the first mixed handicap event held in North American Highland Games History using this new method of scoring developed by the Buffalo Heavies.