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Entering the Extreme Sport
You are about to enter into the extreme sport of the Ancient Highland Warriors. You do so at your own risk and of your own free will and Tribal Celtic spirit. We accept athletes of legal age, male and female to openly compete. For official Highland Games you must wear a kilt with proper hose and flashing. Choose from the list of games on the schedule page to get details regarding the games such as events competed, date & time, directions, awards and athlete benefits included. Good luck and welcome to the experience of your life that will not soon be forgotten. If you survive.

​To enter go to the Games Schedule page dedicated to the Festival Games for instructions. Click on the Festival and you are there.
Participant selection process:

​​The number of athletes will be limited to what we can safely handle. Therefore, the athlete selection process for all Buffalo Heavies  Invitationals will be as follows and we will make every effort to insure that everyone who wants to, can and will throw;

​1st priority goes to Alumni, last year’s attendees of that games. 
2nd priority goes to Heavy athletes who have thrown with the BH last year.
3rd priority goes to anybody but Chuck :-)