Highland Games Training Clinics/Practice

​9am - 12pm: Newbies Training Clinic

12pm - 5pm: Dorrance Backyard Games​ 
​(Where the Heavies began-ish)

​- We will do all the events we can (probably only omitting Sheaf)
- We will mark and score it
- Last chance before NYS Championship
- I will bring water, anything else is up to you
- ​I will bring the paperwork and most everything else we'll need

- any help and implements are greatly appreciated​

  1234 Abbott Rd., Lackawanna, NY 14218
​  ​West Seneca Field
​  ​(behind the Abbott Road Plaza Shopping Center, look for the giant 
   ​trransmission tower)


Important info:

​​When: Saturday, July 13, 2019

1234 Abbott Rd.,Lackawanna,NY 14218 ​

​ West Seneca Field
​​(behind the Abbott Road Plaza Shopping Center)
- once you get to the Lackawanna/West Seneca border, look for the giant transmission tower​

​Contact: Lou Iannone at: lou93@verizon.net, or find me on Facebook​​​​​

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