Jamestown Regional Celtic Festival Website: 

Held on August 25th 2018, the Jamestown Regional Celtic Festival is held on the beautiful banks of Lake Chautaugua in Mayville New York.
​​It has one of the largest gatherings of Pipe Bands totaling 9 who provide the sounds of Scotland for a true Celtic atmosphere. ​​This is also home to one of the Buffalo Heavies  premier athletic competitions where over 20 of the games best Athlete's compete.

In 2014 World Champion Braidy Miller from Nashville took the field to challenge Mighty Sean Green. Braidy is the current sheaf world record holder and is also looking to set a new world records in the hammer throw. This was an epic battle of the Masters.

​​Nick Kahanic is now the #1 ranked amateur in all of North America & has taken the Throne of North American Champion at the Claw in Seatle, Washington, and will be shooting for the open stone world record.​ CORRECTION, NICK HOLDS THE WORLD RECORD YAHOOOOO. 63'-3.75" breaks Brian Oldfields 40 year record.  
Entering the Games
Athletes must  contact Chuck Livingston at ercoupe2001@yahoo.com for registration.   Register early as spots will fill quickly.  All athletes must wear Kilts to compete. 

​​Events to be Competed: 
​Open Stone​, Heavy Stone, ​​Light Weight for Distance, Heavy Weight for Distance, ​Weight Over Bar, Sheaf, Caber.​​​​ Possibly hammers this year
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Kathryn Kendall​
willow rose​
Courtney Mcguire
Stephanie Megliore
Karen Linder​​
Erin Tuller​
Men Under 40
paul Brown
Paul munsh
Jed Lamont
Aaron Lee​​​
josh benson
phillip benson
Eric Klejka
Nick Kahanick​​​​
Master Men
tim mulally
Frank Klimjack
Andre Mazole 
Sean Green​

Christian Donavan​​​
John Katalinas​
elmer fudd
john cowden​

Senior Masters
Chuck Livingston​​​​​​​​​​​​
paul​ Helfenstein