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The 2016 season has come to a close.  Our two fundraising events of the season were quite successful.  We raised close to $1000 thanks to every ones continued hard work.  The first event in August was a fundraising raffle held at this years Masters World Championships at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village.  A special thanks to the Vets and there families who spent the weekend with us.  Thank you to Richard McClain from GLSAA for their $200 donation.  Thank you to Pam Stoffel from OASIS for spending the entire weekend with us.  A special thanks also to Sport Kilt for their fifth year in Supporting the Buffalo Heavies and our charitable efforts.

​​​​​Our second event was held at the Ithaca Celtic Fest in October.  We had a fundraising raffle at this event as well.  Festival vendors were awesome, many donating items the day of the event which greatly supported our event.